iPhone apps to automate your home

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Here are a few great Apps you can use on your iPhone to help you stay in contact with home, even if you are thousands of miles from home

  1. Motorola 4Home- 4Home is an app that you can use on your phone, tablet, laptop or set-top remote to access your connected home network at any time. 4Home gives you peace of mind by being constantly connected to your home (as long as you have WiFi or data service available). If your son or daughter gets locked out of the house, the 4Home can unlock the door for him or her. If you’re on vacation, you can schedule certain lights to go on at certain times. The App can operate appliances such as appliances, window and door locks, thermostats and security devices.The App is free but you do need to have properly installed equipment. 
  2. Philips’ hue – Hue is a personal wireless lighting system. With Philip’s iOS app and access to the internet, you can adjust the brightness and color of your hue light bulbs. You can pick the color in a couple different ways: preset choices called “Light Recipes”, a color palette, selecting a color from a photo on your phone. Want to find the perfect reading light? Select the Reading Light Recipe. Having a Halloween party and want your lights to be orange? Select the color from a color pallette. Want to wake up to the color of your favorite sunset picture? Select it from your phone’s photo library.The starter pack, which will set you back $199, comes with the bridge and three bulbs. Each additional bulb will cost you $59. The Apple store started exclusively selling them earlier this week. The App is free on the iTunes Store. There is an Android app to control the system, too.philips hue xl iPhone apps to automate your home
  3. Nest - The Nest is a digital thermostat that has changed the game. The Nest was created by former Apple executive, Tony Fadell,  who is considered to be the Father of the iPod. If you’re going to buy an expensive thermostat, it was probably a good idea to target Apple fans. The Nest learns your tendencies as you use it and eventually becomes automated when it learns your patterns.It also has a compatible iOS app which allows users to set their thermostat from. If you’re coming home early from work and the temperature has dropped? Whip out your iPhone and adjust your house so it is nice and warm when you get back home.tumblr m4vpehujAb1qzmcmt iPhone apps to automate your home
  4. Belkin’s WeMo – WeMo allows you to plug your devices into an electric outlet and control that from an iOS device by putting them on a schedule. WeMo also sells motion sensors you can set filters on WeMo is also integrated with IFTTT, an Internet-service that gives you alerts when certain things happen. For example, if someone rings your door , you can get an e-mail. iOS-enabled devices allow you turn certain switches on (for example: a coffee machine) or off.belkin wemo iPhone apps to automate your home

At Damewood Technologies, we love helping people figure out technology to make their lives easier. Through the use of today’s technology, we can create unique home environments that bring out the best of the season and facilitate precious memories. Today, if you’d like to know more about home automation can benefit your home and family this winter, contact us at Damewood Technologies. All of our reps are qualified to answer your questions and can help you determine the best solution for your situation. To find out more about our systems and services, contact us today at 913-226-5403!

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