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Damewood Technologies is headquartered in Olathe, KS. Our electronics company specializes in the installation of home and office audio video electronics.

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Buying an electronic gadget or device for your home or office is the easy … and fun … part of the process. Once you’ve gone shopping, the real work begins when you figure out how to make it work! That’s where we come in.

Buying equipment to suit your budget and proper audio video installation is critical for getting the maximum use out of your electronics. Contact us to purchase and set up your new electronics. We’ll make sure your audio video installation is properly done so that the device does exactly what you want it to do. Every gadget has specific installation requirements and at Damewood Technologies we offer a range of installation services to cover all of these.

Plasma TV

Our expert team specializes in providing audio video installation. We can set up and place your TV anywhere you want it. From hanging the plasma TV on the wall or over the fireplace to setting up the complete automation of the TV with the rest of your sound system or security system, we can take care of everything.

Home Theater

When it comes to home theatre installation, we undertake all kinds of projects – big or small. Our services include audio video installation and calibration as well as surround sound automation for the perfect home theatre experience.

Wi-Fi Installation

Wireless is the order of the day, especially when it comes to new construction. At Damewood Technologies, we undertake Wi-Fi wiring projects for new homes.

New Construction Pre-Wire

With the number of gadgets being installed in homes these days, pre-wiring has become a must. Our expert team will work with the owners to make sure the property is pre-wired and ready for each and every kind of audio visual and technological device that will go in … either upon completion or down the road.

For expert audio video installation, Contact Damewood Technologies at 913-226-5403 today!

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