Remote Control Setup

A centralized remote control setup is the new standard in remote control technology. The whole idea of all your electronic systems – be it audio, video or lighting, being controlled and operated from one single source is extremely exciting and appealing. Plus, you don’t have to go looking for different remotes each time. Everything you want to do is available on one single remote and is a button press away!

 Remote Control Setup

Damewood Technologies offers the Pro24.z by Pro Control. It’s the ultimate new age gadget in the remote control industry.

Features of Pro24.z Remote Control

If used in tandem with Pro Control Processor, the Pro24.z offers infrared and registered Zigbee communication from different types of AV receivers, iPods, lighting sources, etc.

Damewood Technologies sells and backs the Pro24.z for its various high standard features. Some of them are:

  • Customizable graphic interface
  • Touchscreen LCD Display
  • Programmable 5 way joystick
  • Color coded buttons for DVR control
  • Programmable hard buttons for tactile control of commonly used functions
  • Easy Remote Control Setup

It’s an easy-to-use, convenient device that enhances the remote control experience for the user.

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