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Most of us hope that we live in a neighborhood that is safe. That locking our doors and windows is deterrent enough for would-be robbers and intruders. As business owners, we trust that having a constant flow of activity on the premises and keeping cash drawers locked, is a policy that will keep everyone safe. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

The security and protection of your home or business is of the utmost importance. This is an area of no compromise. While security needs might differ from home to home and industry to industry – we can all agree on a need for some type of security on your premises that provide the highest degree of protection for both your family and your business and clients.

At Damewood Technologies we can provide you with a security installation for your home or your business. We can install an automated security system on your property that will help you monitor security continuously- 24/7.

Alarms and Security Installation at Damewood Technologies

You can choose a security installation that is completely automated and centralized. A security systems that communicates with you at all times via phone or internet.

The Concord Control Series 4 is a full-featured security system by that allows intrusion and fire detection at all times. This is done even when the system is disarmed.

How it works-

 Security Systems

  • Sensors installed throughout the property communicate all activity that takes place even when the system sis disarmed.
  • All this info travels wirelessly (via the digital GSM network) in a secure encrypted signal message to the Operations Centre.
  • In the event of an alarm, the signal is routed to your central monitoring station for a 24/7 emergency response.

Features of this System Available at Damewood Technologies

  • Complies with SIA CP-01 False alarm standards
  • Comes with eight hard wire zone inputs and 2-wire smoke detector loop that can handle up to 20 detectors.
  • A built-in RF zone receiver with 96 zone capacity is compatible with the complete line of GE Security Learn Mode Sensors
  • Two programmable outputs can be set up to activate external devices during an alarm or other system event

There are a number of customized add-ons available that you can choose from and can be included to upgrade the protection level to whatever you desire.

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