Smart Home Automation Systems

How smart is your home? Imagine controlling your entertainment, climate, security, and more using smart home automation systems. Damewood Technologies can turn your Olathe or Kansas City home into the smartest house on the block with our selection of smart home automation systems.

Control These Systems:


We offer home automation systems that integrate with most consumer electronics brands and all major television manufacturers. After all, what good is a system that doesn’t work with the technologies you want to use? Smart home automation systems by Damewood Technologies are optimized to stream the leading cloud and digital sources such as Pandora, Sirius/XM and Apple iTunes.


Integrating your security systems with your automation system offers you piece of mind at the touch of your fingertips. We can incorporate your existing security systems with your new smart automation systems to give you the power of surveillance. Check your security cameras, monitor security footage and more with security automation.

Lighting and Shades

With our smart home automation systems, you can turn the lights on from your car as you approach your home, control the lighting options in your utility rooms, and create a specialized environment for watching a movie or catching up with family at the dinner table. This innovative technology gives you the ability to easily create the right lighting for your home, helping you get more comfortable and save money on your electricity.

Climatesmart home automation systems 300x219 Smart Home Automation Systems

Whatever kind of heating and cooling system you use can be controlled by our smart home automation systems from anywhere in your Olathe house or anywhere in the world. Forget to turn down the thermostat before your long vacation? No problem — just use your home automation system to do so from miles away! Want to turn up the heat on your way home from work due to a sudden cold snap? Again, your automation system is the solution. Save money and make your home more energy efficient with smart home automation systems!


Our smart home automation systems also let you schedule and revise lawn irrigation whether you are at home or away. This will protect your expensive landscaping and conserve water to reduce your usage, saving you money. If it starts raining while you’re away from home, simply use your home automation system to turn off your sprinklers.


Smart home automation systems can keep pool and spa maintenance costs down. Control offers the maximum flexibility to meet your needs and lifestyle to control your home pool or spa.


Integrating with leading cameras and servers, our smart home automation systems allow you to check on a baby sleeping in the next room or to monitor the whole home when you’re gone. With smart home automation systems, you can rest easy knowing that your home is secure.

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