Sound Proof Your Home

Having a sound proof room can play an important role in the lives of people who deal and work with music and sound equipment. Damewood Technologies is an electronic installation company operating from Olathe KS in Kansas City and is involved in helping sound proof rooms for a variety of reasons.

Whether you are a musician creating music with hard-core professional equipment in your home/studio or someone involved in the audio/sound industry that needs to test high-decibel equipment on a regular basis, the last thing you’d want is people banging on your doors to keep the noise low. A solution to get a better sound quality … and stay friends with your neighbors … is the sound proof solutions offered by Damewood Technologies in Olathe KS & Kansas City.

Who needs sound proof rooms?

  • Sound proof home studios for musicians and producers
  • Sound proof rooms for professionals in sound/audio who need to test high-decibel equipment
  • Whole home sound proof to block out traffic and outside noise at your home
  • Sound proof a particular room in your house to keep noise out from the rest of the property
  • Sound proof doors and windows in a house or property
  • Basically – any area where noise reduction is required, sound proof to stop noise from going out or coming in.

How to sound proof

At Damewood Technologies we have different methods and materials that we employ to sound proof a room in Olathe KS & Kansas City. It really depends upon where the installation is being done and its purpose. A few methods that we employ include:

  • Acoustic sound panels
  • Noise and sound isolation foams
  • Mass loaded vinyl

Deciding to sound proof your Olathe or Kansas City home is a great initiative when it comes to reducing noise pollution. In a lot of ways it’s a green choice, one that we support at Damewood.

For more information about sound proof installation in Olathe KS & Kansas City, or to set up an appointment to sound proof a room, call 913-226-5403 today!

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